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Here’s a video of my song, Best Be Gone.


I own the copyright for this work, including the tune, the lyrics and the recording. Written, performed and produced by yours truly.



This is a video of my livestream (Periscope) broadcast of Gaudete, the 16th century Christmas carol which was a hit for Steeleye Span in 1973.


Here’s a late-1960s recording of my song Corner Shop, recorded by the band I played in, Zounds. Although I wrote the song, as usual I’m playing drums, with multi-talented musician and (this time) lead vocalist Dewi Watkins on piano. Dewi went on to become one of the country’s leading ‘cello players, including a long spell with the Welsh National Opera.

Other members of Zounds included Clive Hampton (lead vocal), who became a renowned Head Teacher in a north Wales school and is now Consultant Headteacher at Clive Hampton Executive Search and Development.

Steve Gough (guitarist) became a BAFTA-winning writer, film director, West End playwright, novelist and writer of radio plays. Steve has directed major acting talents such as Anthony Hopkins, Martin Shaw, Jane Horrocks, Margaret John and Geraldine James – his most recent work has been in writing plays which have been staged in London and Los Angeles.

Guitarist Julian Gough‘s doctorate in Economics and glittering career as an economist took him to the University of Wales, the University of East Anglia and the University of Teesside, as well as other positions in industry. Julian has published a number of books on economics and continues to research the subject.