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May/June 2018 garden diary

In our Chatteris garden, a poor early Spring had delayed growth of many specimens by 3-4 weeks; but by early May the garden seemed to be catching up, so much so that there seemed to be an even more furious battle than usual between the cultivated plants and the weeds.

The reliable (almost rampant) early white Clematis on the fence put on a fine show, which lasted some weeks; whilst the smaller-flowered pink variety found a new home growing through the Twisted Willow.

Ivy is another climber that can spread very quickly in early Spring and I needed to cut back the large blanket that was forming above one of the sheds – almost blocking the doorway!

The Medlar produced far more blossoms than we have seen before – though this year I may not repeat my less than successful previous effort in producing Medlar jam.

Meanwhile, over in our newly-inherited Ramsey property, our whole focus has been on lowering the 6-7 foot high hedge, to reveal the pleasant vista behind the wall of brambles …

This is still an ongoing project, with plenty of cutting, chopping and tearing down still to do. And then there’s the question of how to dispose of that rapidly-growing mountain of brambles and branches …





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Tell-tale leaves rustling their rumour of
Budding embarrassment –
pinkish flower heads –
to the whispering wind, while

The serene and silent clouds in white crowds
Aloof take no note as –
with some conviction –
Spring stresses its presence:
hot-lipped, cool-sipping soil
eases out a tulip tip through
what was lately frost and frosted
till the

Scandal …


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