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Not a poem

I’m sorry.

Just because I’m written
with line breaks,
and with some kind of
attempt at earnestness,
that doesn’t make me
a poem.

I’m sorry.

Even though someone
sweated over my composition
for a full ten minutes
and felt really proud of me,
that doesn’t make me
a poem.

I’m sorry.

However many people
adopt this writing style,
hoping for some kind of
magical transmogrification,
that still won’t make me
a poem.

Will it?




Copyright: Richard Fox 2016
All rights reserved


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Tell-tale leaves rustling their rumour of
Budding embarrassment –
tulip5 pinkish flower heads –
to the whispering wind, while

The serene and silent clouds in white crowds
Aloof take no note as –
with some conviction –
Spring stresses its presence:
hot-lipped, cool-sipping soil
eases out a tulip tip through
what was lately frost and frosted
till the

Scandal …




Copyright: Richard Fox 1970
All rights reserved

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