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The water sucked
And Johnny was gone.
Glasses and all.
Johnny was tall
For his age:
One of the boys.
One of his ploys
Was to walk by the pool
With his hands on his head,
Balancing high,
Playing the fool,
Playing the clown
As the kids marched to school.
Along the stone wall,
He was,
Balancing high he was,
Look at me, boys.
Playing the fool,
Playing the clown
Along the stone wall.
And Johnny fell down.
What a fall
It was, too.
Glasses and all.




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Tell-tale leaves rustling their rumour of
Budding embarrassment –
pinkish flower heads –
to the whispering wind, while

The serene and silent clouds in white crowds
Aloof take no note as –
with some conviction –
Spring stresses its presence:
hot-lipped, cool-sipping soil
eases out a tulip tip through
what was lately frost and frosted
till the

Scandal …


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