I live in a small village in Norfolk with my beautiful wife and bestest mate Lynn. I have two amazing sons, a wonderful daughter-in-law and three adorable grandchildren.

I spent most of my working life in advertising, including twenty-nine years at international media planning and buying independent Fox Media, which I founded in 1990. I still own and operate some websites; for instance, The UK Sponsorship Database, a site which features sponsorship news and opportunities and which I launched in May 2000.

Before I started Fox Media, I worked at quite a few London ad. agencies, including the multi-national networks Y&R, McCann-Erickson and Leo Burnett, planning media strategies and spending multi-million pound budgets for household name brands in sectors such as food, finance, travel, pharmaceuticals, motors, cosmetics, computers and many more. Some of the many well-known brands I worked on included Lloyds Bank (launch of the Black Horse campaign), Martini & Rossi, Honda, Lucozade (classic re-positioning of the brand from an ‘in sickness’ product to a refreshment drink), Cadbury and H J Heinz. I left the big agency scene and ultimately became a partner at Washer Fox in central London, which amongst other things relieved Saatchi & Saatchi of their IBM business, before merging with the seven agency GGK Europe network. I was Group Media Director there for a couple of years before moving to Cambridgeshire and setting up Fox Media. Fox Media gained a surprising number of high profile accounts in sectors such as travel, pharmaceutical, clothing, finance and government, ultimately specialising in international advertising and handling campaigns right around the world (even though I worked for most of the time as a ‘one man band’). 

Fox Media traded successfully for nearly thirty years, until I opted for semi-retirement in 2019. During my career I had a large number of articles published in advertising trade journals.

Until recently I was a frequent broadcaster on the Periscope app., singing and playing cover versions of well-known pop songs or my own compositions. Sadly, it closed in March 2001. You can listen to my 12-track album Through To You and other compositions (with some videos) at www.foxmedia.co.uk.


My Twitter account is at @reynardo98. My email address is rf@foxmedia.co.uk

I have a Facebook page for my music at https://www.facebook.com/richard.fox.223.

Likes: gardening, Cardiff City, playing drums/guitar/keyboard, composing/recording, documentaries, parsnips, astronomy, reading, writing.

Dislikes: too many to name.

MA Lit. (Open); BA (Hons) Humanities.

Always available to comment on media and sponsorship developments; and, well, anything else too really.

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  1. Pete Lawton

    I was in both infants and juniors with Colin Ashcroft and Richard Fox, then on to CGTS. Glad to hear that you are both still alive and kicking (lol). Richard, sorry to hear about your brother, I remember him as your “little brother” but sadly didn’t know him too well. Colin, I remember your older brother, couple of years older, but a really nice lad. Anyway, stay safe and take care.


    • Hi Peter, yes, I remember you well! In fact, when I’ve hunted around on the net for old CGTS chums, your name was definitely on my list. On balance, I think CGTS did a good job, but the staff had a hard time adjusting to the rebellious ‘Sixties culture which they confronted. Times were a-changing. In that sense I suppose I’m proud that my long hair and insolent behaviour disqualified me from being a prefect (along with only four others out of the ninety in the Sixth form as I recall). But from this standpoint I don’t envy the staff having to cope with us all. I remain an extremely proud Welshman, as I’m sure we all do and always will. Stay safe. Hopefully we’ll come out of this soon. Cymru am byth!


  2. CH Walters

    So sorry to hear about George. He was a good friend when I was young, and I swear I was only marginally involved in that monkey bar accident where he broke his leg. You might be interested to know that Facebook has a Pontygwyndy Infants/Jrs page. Former pupils have posted some interesting old photographs there. Maybe his sons would like to see it. I’m glad to see that you have done very well both professionally and artistically as a former pupil of PG and CGTS.


    • Hi CH, yes, my brother died after a long battle (which at one point he seemed to have won) against the dreaded big C. I remember the monkey bar incident, which occurred only a couple of yards away from where Brian Perry’s high, lofted throw of the cricket mallet landed on my skull and knocked me clean out for the rest of the morning. George was in plaster for about six weeks with his broken leg, if my memory serves me well. Thanks so much for the tip about the Gwyndy Infants/Juniors FB site, which I’ve already joined and been exploring. Fascinating!


  3. colin richard ashcroft

    Colin Ashcroft
    Hi Richard, remember we used to kick a tennis ball all the way to CGTS. Hope you are keeping safe and well.

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    • Hi Colin! I certainly do remember you very well and great to hear from you! All seems a bit hazy now, but I remember you as a really good footballer and a good bloke too! lol. You lived off Mill Road near Morgan Jones Park (name?), as I recall? Hope you and yours are staying safe and thanks for getting in touch.


      • colin richard ashcroft

        Hi Richard, glad all is good with you and your family, you’ve done really well in your life so well done. Yes I could play football but you had the brains. I served an apprenticeship and a year or so later went to work in the Royal Ordnance Factory (the ROF) in Cardiff working for the MOD. End of this month I will complete 50 years service with the MOD but based in Bristol but working mainly from home. Retirement is looming now. I have 5 kids, all boys, my oldest is 50 this year, how time fly’s. I may be able to explain why your memory is a bit hazy—remember that mallet that Brian Perry hit you on the head with in the Gwyndy Juniors when we setting up for cricket, frightened me as I had never seen anyone with concussion before.. Very sorry to have heard about George, so sad.
        Cheers old pal.


        • Hi Colin, well you must be very proud of your five boys (which reminds me of a chocolate bar I used to buy in the old days! – remember?). You’ve certainly put in the years at the ROF and deserve a long and interesting retirement. I “retired” some time ago but I find I’m just as active as ever, but in other ways. Frustrating not to be able to visit my two grandsons and granddaughter, but I suppose we’ve all just got to hang on in there for now. Are you aware of the Pontygwyndy Juniors/Infants FB group, which has been pointed out to me by CH Walters in his post here which hopefully you can see? Brings back a lot of memories. I must dig around and see if I can find some photos and contribute. And there is a CGTS old boys FB page, of course. That incident with the mallet is one of my most memorable life events. “OK, Brian, let’s stop now”. But he didn’t hear me. Suddenly I felt this gigantic hand pushing me to the ground. That’s exactly what it felt like, as though there was the palm of a huge hand slowly squashing me onto the grass. Next thing I knew I was in the hospital in a wheelchair, but I only came to for maybe half a minute. Then I was back in the canteen (did we call it that?) in school. Gradually recovered but it might have been very different! Explains a lot though lol.


  4. Yes, indeed! Tafwys Walk. George was my brother. Very sadly, he passed away aged 57 in July 2013, after an 18 month battle with cancer. He had two sons and for much of his life lived in Leeds and worked in advertising. I went to Pontygwindy Junior School too and also the infants school on Mill Road.


  5. CH Walters

    You mention in one of your articles that you lived a mere 100 yds from Caerfilly Castle. Would that be on a steep road that ran from MIll Rd to Natgarw Rd? I knew a George Fox who lived there, and went to Pontygwyndy School on Parc-Y-Felin.

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