We’ve already said …

Just before the intermission, the theatre lights went down.

Slowly, the audience grew silent, in the dark. Then suddenly, loud and clear, out of the blackness …

“We’ve already said …”

I was reminded of that memorably dramatic moment yesterday whilst watching a fascinating three-hour Sky Arts documentary on the lives and times of The Moody Blues. They were the main support act in a concert that I went to at the Capitol theatre in Cardiff on December 12th, 1965.

Apart from the departure of early lead singer Denny Laine – to be replaced by Justin Hayward the following year – and Mike Pinder in 1978, core surviving members of the group Hayward, Graeme Edge and John Lodge continue to compose and perform live, with Lodge a regular on the Flower Power Cruise.

The vast majority of their output has been composed by band members and they have been quite prolific. I love tracks like Knights In White Satin and Go Now but my fondest memories of the group go back to my student days and the LP On The Threshold of a Dream. I don’t think there’s a weak track on that album; but my favourite is Lovely To See You, written by Justin Hayward …

So it was a real “Follow that!” performance by the Moodies.

There weren’t many groups who could have risen to the task …

Beatles concert acts

Yep, that was quite a memorable night!

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