The balloon

What shall we take to give
      to the maninthemoon?

I want to take a balloon,
she said, the girl with stars
in her mind. I said, You live
in clouds. We’ll take some cars
just to illustrate speed,
and we’ll take him some poor,
to exemplify need;
we’ll probably take more
gold than he’s ever seen
(we’ll have to show him the Queen!);
all humanity’s best,
the rich and all the rest,
just to say that they’ve been.

What about my balloon?
      she said, the girl with stars;
      I said, No room on the Moon
      for that. Take it to Mars.

With a star in her eye
      she let the string fly, said
      You shan’t have it today;
      we gazed up at the sky,
      where, just in view, overhead,
      the Moon floated further away.



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