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Tell-tale leaves rustling their rumour of
Budding embarrassment –
pinkish flower heads –
to the whispering wind, while

The serene and silent clouds in white crowds
Aloof take no note as –
with some conviction –
Spring stresses its presence:
hot-lipped, cool-sipping soil
eases out a tulip tip through
what was lately frost and frosted
till the

Scandal …


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Winter/Spring 2017/18 garden diary

And so this dreary Winter continued, holding our spirits down, right through Christmas and on and on and on, till some of our garden plants said “Enough!” and, raising their heads through and above the debris, showed us how to cope with all that wind and rain and frost and snow and the never-ending procession of dank, dark clouds.

Suddenly, almost overnight, Spring arrived. For a few days, in mid-April, the skies cleared and it was positively warm; some might even say hot. But it didn’t last – and here we are on April 30th, awaiting the start of yet another downpour.

Despite the dreadful weather, many plants – and most certainly the lawns in both our existing and newly-inherited garden – sprang into life, with daffodils, primroses and other flowers making their best efforts in the circumstances. But the rains made the lawns very squelchy, bending the stalks of the daffs and combined with frequent high winds did nothing to improve our enthusiasm for getting out there and making a start.

Our mowers are in the wrong places. The bigger mower, a Honda, brought from our previous house where the lawns were quite large, would be ideal in the new garden in Ramsey.

Our more bijou Hayter lawnmower is proving inadequate for dealing with the length of the grass in our new Ramsey residence. As soon as the grass is cut, a lengthy wet spell ensues and the grass grows long again and makes cutting it a very arduous and time-consuming task. So somehow I need to find a way of getting the mowers to swap places, which, given the weight of the Honda, is likely to be easier said than done …

At the last count we have had three spells of snow – highly unusual in my experience. None of them was particularly deep but they just added to the frustration of not being able to make a start on sorting out the Ramsey garden. Here are some pics. from Chatteris.

But it hasn’t all been doom and gloom …

The Viburnum is doing much better nowadays than when we first arrived.

At long last, after brewing its blooms for around eighteen months, our potted Camellia, positioned by the front door, is now overflowing with buds and flowers. We watered it well to encourage it in early Spring – no matter how heavy it is, rain rarely makes much impact on potted plants.

And the Photinia‘s reds can always be relied on, whatever the weather.



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