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June/July 2017 garden diary

Rose (1) – all the roses in our new house are as yet unidentified 😦

Rose (2)

Rose (3)

Rose (4)

Rose (5)

Twisted Willow (before pruning)

Twisted Willow (after pruning)

Lavender, Pansies and Petunias

Japanese Anemone – staring through dining room window …

Penstemon – earliest flower, many more to come

Verbena Bonariensis

Bee on Echinops

Bee on Lavender

Buddleia – grows like a weed, but butterflies love them, of course

Butterfly – this rather “moth-eaten” Red Admiral often suns itself on our table, frequently chasing off a Cabbage White – they twist and turn together in the air, but the Red Admiral always wins

Courgette (1) – have to grow our veg. in pots/growbags in our new garden

Courgette (2)

Cucumber – getting a fantastic crop, just grown in a growbag in a sunny spot on the potting table (var. Telegraph Improved)



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