December 2016 garden diary

We brought all our flowerpots with us from our previous house – determined to recreate the colourful displays we achieved there …


mixed border

So we’ve been refreshing the soil and planting new bulbs, often on top of the ones that are already established. We’ll see what happens with this ‘overplanting’ experiment.


In the course of trowelling out the old compost, we found countless numbers of conkers which had been buried by the squirrels. Not just two or three – often as many as a dozen or even more!

Meanwhile the Cyclamen corms are not prepared to wait and are just getting on with things, frost or no frost …


… whilst elsewhere there are the very first stirrings as other early risers begin to peep out from their wintry beds. We’ll have to wait and see what these are (the ones below). My money is on Fritillaria, as I found a discarded label nearby; but maybe it’s a bit early for them? Time will tell.


There was lots of frost towards the end of the month, following a very extended mild spell. The strawberries are strong enough to handle it …


… and (always amazes me) even so called ‘tender’ petunias, some of whom have been squatting in amongst the strawberries, seem somehow weather-proofed against the cold. Maybe it just wasn’t quite cold enough to kill them off.


Meanwhile the Rosemary stands proud and above it all, always available to add flavour to the unsavoury winter gloom.







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2 responses to “December 2016 garden diary

  1. Your plants are lovely! What a delight. So many pretty things to look at! 🙂


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