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December 2015 garden diary

Euonymus var. Variegata
euonymus (Spindle tree)

Hellebores – they think it’s Springtime …

Catkins on the hazelnut – not due until February …

Cotoneaster var. Horizontalis
cotoneaster horizontalis

Picea glauca
Picea glauca

Blackberry arch – pruned, ready for Spring

Primrose var. Primula vulgaris
primrose- primula vulgaris

After the storm …



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I said good morning in the rain

to you last week. You smiled again

as though the thing was still there. But

the wind wept at my shoulder, smut

from smog and memory clouded round

and our slow truth, our jailed joy, frowned

through the iron rods of rain. It’s

strange to see you now, with his bits

of gold and stone, like a lost shrine

with no priest: but when you were mine,

you watched me worship; which is why

last week, I prayed good morning, dry

inside the shelter of your smile.


Hallo again. Please stay here for a while …





Copyright: Richard Fox 1970
All rights reserved

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