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All Night Cards

The strangled room,

     silently suffocated by smoke and

     quietly acquiescent in the tar-stained sunlight,

     receives no rest this morn.

The squint-eyed squad,

     quietly confident, who choke on

     silently soothing menthol and tip,

     deceive the rest till dawn.

Tea-cups litter hearth and chair,

Cornflakes capture eyes that stare

And wish for sleep, for slumber pray.

Fools, who know it now, are stone-

And poker-faced, and watch, and moan,

As ash engulfs a groaning tray.

And still they play …



Copyright: Richard Fox 1967
All rights reserved

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June 2015 garden diary

Rose (Rosa Blue Moon)
rosa blue moon

Rose (Rosa Cream Abundance) – Lynn’s favourite
rosa cream abundance

Rose (Rosa Handel)
rosa handel

Rose (Rosa Madame Alfred Carriere)
rosa madame alfred carriere

Rose (Rosa Madame Alfred Carriere) – close-up
rosa madame alfred carriere 2

Rose (Rosa Rugosa) – grown for its hips
rosa rugosa

Rose (erm … you tell me)
rosa unknown


Pineapple Broom (Argyrocytisus battandieri – also known as Moroccan broom) – pineapple fragrance

Pineapple Broom – close-up


Pots – planted up

Redcurrants (won’t be long)

Broad beans (ditto)
broad beans



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